Five outdoor kitchen modules, countless possible combinations.

The modular system of our outdoor kitchen offers flexible combination possibilities - here are some examples. Design your kitchen just as you like. The single outdoor kitchen modules can be individually combined into kitchen units of different sizes. Use our online kitchen planner to create your individual outdoor kitchen.

5.998 € *

The kitchen helper.

A grill is already available, but you are missing the usual kitchen functions? More work surface for preparation, an outdoor sink or space for storage may also be? Then our kitchen helper is just the right thing for you. With a width of 176 cm, it offers space for your gas bottle, a sink, two trash cans, two shelves of storage space and a good bit of work surface for preparing. It will make the grilling experience much more enjoyable.

This practical kitchen helper consists of: 1 sink module with shelves, 1 base module with gas pull-out.
Dimensions (W/D/H): 176 cm x 75 cm x 91 cm

10.884 € *

The grill master.

Want to buy a new grill, but haven't yet found the right furniture to really show off your gem?
Our grill module is available for selected gas and ceramic grills and offers maximum storage space with up to two large drawers. The true grill master combines this with the storage module and stores his gas bottle here and uses the work surface to prepare his grill menus. The storage module can be combined with shelves, drawers, gas pull-out or refrigerator.

This grill master consists of: 1 grill module (for Bull Brahma 5), 1 storage module with drawers and gas pull-out.
Dimensions (W/D/H): 232 cm x 75 cm x 91 cm

12.842 € *

Outdoor kitchen module: The small kitchen unit.

You want to move your cooking habits outside but don't want to give up anything?
Sink, refrigerator, storage space, gas pull-out for the new grill and work surface for preparing your food and even another hob - our small outdoor kitchen unit already offers all this. The interior of the modules can be designed flexibly, i.e. you decide where the refrigerator, sink and gas bottle will be placed in your new outdoor kitchen.

This small outdoor kitchen unit consists of: 1 sink module with refrigerator, 1 grill module (for Bull Angus), 1 base module with side stove and gas pullout
Dimensions (W/D/H): 292 cm x 75 cm x 91 cm

13.942 € *

The complete kitchen: all outdoor kitchen modules combined

The small outdoor kitchenette still offers too little space for you? Then expand it - according to your individual wishes. The complete kitchen offers all possibilities to fulfill your dream of an individual outdoor kitchen. Whether grilling, cooking, do the washing up, cooling, supply or disposal, preparation, parking or simply storage - combine your complete kitchen as it suits you best.

This complete kitchen consists of: 1 sink module with gas pull-out, 1 grill module (for Bull Angus), 1 storage module with shelves and refrigerator.
Dimensions (W/D/H): 360 cm x 75 cm x 91 cm

23.437 € *

The professional.

Thinking around the corner: as an L-shape, all our features - and more - fit in your new outdoor kitchen. A corner unit with refrigerator, sink, waste disposal, plenty of work space and of course the new grill. And yes - the trend is also toward secondary grills, like a plancha grill. The side cooker makes the grill professional complete. The additional corner module not only connects the two outdoor kitchen units, but also provides additional storage space by providing access to the lockable backs of the corner module.

This professional consists of: 1 sink module with refrigerator, 1 grill module (for Bull Angus Grill), 1 base module with side cooker and gas pull-out, 1 corner module, 1 base module with gas pull-out, 1 grill module (for Bull Plancha), 1 base module with drawers
Dimensions (W1/W2/D/H): 367 cm x 311 cm x 75 cm x 91 cm