Our accessories: Pure inspiration for all outdoor kitchen enthusiasts

A BELMENTO outdoor kitchen lives equally from its utility AND its design. Therefore, we pay attention to the highest quality standards in order to provide you with an unforgettable barbecue and cooking experience. That means that we will regularly present new modules and configuration possibilities to improve your outdoor kitchen experience. We think: Innovation is always worth it especially when we can make barbecue nights with your friends even better. But convince yourself and take a closer look at our latest expansions for outdoor kitchens – practical, stylish, just BELMENTO!

Versatile and practical: Drawer insert for various stainless steel containers

The BELMETO stainless steel containers are available in a total of four designs: drinks, side dishes, cutlery and toppings. Each of the alternatives convinces with a high quality stainless steel design and its individual benefits for the perfect outdoor kitchen experience. Practical, versatile and visually appealing - no wishes remain unfulfilled.
The stainless steel container variant “drinks” is perfect for cooling down wine or champagne bottles, the little smaller set of 3 offers itself ideally for vegetables or potatoes, with the compact design of the set of 6 you will stow your cutlery without any problems and those who wish for diversity of choice in toppings and sauces best reach for the set of 9.

Of course you can use the stainless steel containers according to your ideas - for example, you do not need containers for cutlery? Then use our set of 6 for a diverse selection of salads. With BELMENTO’s organization system, there are no limits to what you can do. In addition, you get a matching stainless steel frame including two longitudinal braces FREE of charge with each set. This makes the containers perfectly compatible with your outdoor kitchen.

The dispenser: Only the best for beer lovers

You already have an outdoor kitchen with modules but the possibility of pouring a beer in the best company is still missing? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! A cooler for the ideal drinking temperature, drip tray for clean beer tapping and a dispensing column made of high quality stainless steel - all of this is offered by our dispensing system.
The perfect addition for your outdoor kitchen is compatible with the sink, storage and basis module and fits visually perfect to the entire plant.

Our stainless steel tower beer dispensing system consists of: Beer cooler, drip tray, compensator tap, CO2 bottle, CO2 pressure reducer, KEG tap of your choice.
Dimensions (W/D/H): 255 x 390 x 420 mm

Our e-modules bring light & electricity to your Belmento kitchen

e-modules: Design and benefits go hand in hand

Are you still looking for a visually appealing lighting- and power concept for your Belmento kitchen? Your search stops here! Expand your outdoor kitchen line with our e-modules and ensure a lightning spectacle that leaves others stunned. A perfect dimmable light for every time of day and year which provides you with an additional storage area. Indirect light is projected onto your countertop via an LED strip mounted below the storage option. In addition, you can connect e. g. your looflighter or blender or even the coffee maker quite conveniently cia the additional sockets. Both the storage surface (Dekton by Cosentino) and the module color can be selected to match your kitchen.
Of course, we have also thought about efficiency, so we rely on a 2700k warm white light for atmospheric module illumination.

The features of the stylish e-modules: Energy-efficient module illumination, intelligent wireless remote control with touch surface for saving settings, two sockets with up to 2500 KW load capacity (e.g. for the electric kettle), additional shelf space.

e-module+: The attractive extension with light

You want to get the stylish maximum out of your outdoor kitchen? Then you should definitely take a look at the expanding e-module+. Just like with the classic variant, you will take advantage of an energy-efficient module illumination, an additional storage area and dimmable lightning for every time of day. In addition, the e-module+ provides you with better illumination for your outdoor kitchen and can be mounted on any module. Perfect for those whose standard is not less than the maximum of possibilities.

Important: To be able to integrate the e-module+, you need the classic e-module as a basis.

Induction cooktops: The smoke free alternative

The latest generation of cooking and grilling! For all passionate grill professionals and those who want to become one. Our induction cooktops by indu+ are equipped with stainless steel wok insert or teppanyaki plate, making them perfect for barbecue on the balconies. Cooking with induction also promises you additional safety and energy-efficiency. Even the final cleaning won’t be no challenge anymore – another reason why our induction cooktops are perfect for barbecuing with the best company.
Through the kitchen planner you are given exclusive configuration possibilities and can easily integrate induction cooktops to your outdoor kitchen.

The perfect organization system for small drawers.

Your cutlery. Perfectly organized.

Good organization is a top priority for you? Then the cutlery organizer will be the perfect addition for your BELMENTO outdoor kitchen. The system is convincing with its fabrication of high quality steel, appealing design, extra storage space and is suitable for our small drawers. Available in the colors gray, white and black, the drawer organizer fits perfect to all designs of an outdoor kitchen. The four compartments also ensure storage to accommodate cutlery and more. The surface of the integrated anti-slip mat brings peace to any drawer and optimally prevents slipping of large items as well as smaller kitchen utensils.

Dimensions (W/D/H): 520 x 55 x 280 mm

Everything at hand. Without fuss.

Whether it's cutlery or crockery, when barbecuing in company it’s best to have everything quickly to hand. To meet the demands of professional equipment, we have just the thing for you: Our drawer organizer.
Visually matching the cutlery organizer, the system is also available in gray, black and white – perfect for combining both systems! You can easily use the organizer for small and (up to four) large drawers, moreover, you are completely free in the use of the system – Whether for barbecue cutlery, plates or glasses, multifunctionality is guaranteed!

Dimensions (W/D/H): 170 x 70 x 600 mm

The combination of drawer organizer and the order organizer is the perfect organization system for all drawers.